Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What should l do!!!?

Today is just like any other normal days, wake up late then rush to brush teeth, change and chase bus for work. Then work, lunch and knock off. But today after work, I went for my first slimming session at Theresa. Really hope that this will be my last slimming centre (cross my fingers).

Come to think about it, I have been to many slimming centres, from Ex-London weight mgt, Raquelle, Cenosis, Carboxy, London weight mgt and now to Theresa. I dun even dare to tell anyone about it, scare they will nag me waste money again. Hai..

My weight is like the roller coaster, going up (poly) and down (sim, my slimmest time --> 57kg for 1.7m) and up (start working) and down (during carboxy) and up (after carboxy for 1 year) and down a while (sis's wedding) and up (now). I really hate myself looking so fat! Yet, it is really hard to resist the good foods at times. Why some ppl can eat so much yet still so skinny, yet I drink organic drink and eat so little still din slim down and still so fat! So frustrating!

I just want to go back to 57kg and I will be satisfied. Simple wish but dunno can achieve anot...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's a new start for me!

After 3 years, finally my personal blog is published! Heehee. So happy and proud about it. Hope that I can use this platform to post my photos taken by my favourite Nikon D5000! =)